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Dancing With The Devil

    Dancing with the Devil musicians

  • Jr. Johnny: harmonicas and vocals
  • Peter Corrigan: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, slide guitar
  • Russ Aldrich: lead guitar
  • Stephen Minnich: bass guitar, lead guitar
  • Mike Cairo: drums
  • Hymer Morgan: piano, Hammond b-3 organ

Jr. Johnny’s “So Hot”
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I’m ridin’ all around lookin’ for you,
The sky is so gray,
I was hopin’ for blue…
Ridin’ all around and wondering why,
The sky is so gray,
Believe it’s gonna cry…
My car so weary, I better stop,
Searchin’ for what

Cooled down now, I’m on the move,
Don’t know why, nothin’ to prove…
So many miles, day after day,
Start new, find another way…
Sun beatin’ down,
Don’t know where I’m bound…
Searchin’ for what I ain’t got,
Searchin’ for what


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