Official release date January 27 2009.
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Danger Zone

Danger Zone Musicians

Photo by Jeff Ruddell

Danger Zone Musicians

  • Jr. Johnny: harmonicas and vocals
  • Stephen Minnich: guitars
  • David Pastorius: bass
  • Bjaene Kjaer: drums

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brendan Keith at Studio 101, Melbourne, Florida. Nov. 2008. Songs by Jr. Johnny, composed and arranged by Jr. Johnny and Stephen Minnich.


“Danger Zone” Songlist All Original Songs:
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* “Put Some Gravy On That” harp inst. previously unreleased. Recorded by Stephen in Lockhart, Texas 1997. Johnny harps, Stephen guitar and keys, with Fred ‘Bubba’ Mitchell on bass and Oscar Grant Jr. on drums.

Danger Zone Reviews

  • Here is new musical excitement from Jr. Johnny! This album came together fast with perfect chemistry. David and Bjaene brought their effervescent energy and talents instantly to the songs. Aced, the drums, bass, and first guitar were recorded together live in the studio in one straight session. All the tracks went in smooth and fast. Brendan recorded and mixed it expertly. The result is a hot, detailed, vibrant sounding record with great live energy. Here is a wide variety of upbeat songs and sounds that run from bluesrock to deep traditional blues performed with fresh life and power!!!
  • Here is a hot detailed vibrant sounding cd. with great live energy. a wide variety of upbeat songs and sounds that run from bluesrock to deep traditional blues performed with fresh life and power.
  • Thirteen new original songs with the special stamp of singer and harmonica player Jr. Johnny who, like on his previous albums, is backed with Stephen Munnich on guitars, David Pastorius (Jaco’s nephew) on bass and Bjarne Kjaer in drums. The four musicians have conceived and done this new piece of work called “Danger Zone”, where most of the songs included, have clear stylistic references to Lou Reed or Van Morrison on their performing way. People who decide to get a cd copy would find the just mentioned thirteen own songs plus some well known covers, such as “Got My Mojo Workin'”, “Baby, Please Don’t GO”, “Spoonful” or “Tin Pan Alley”, played on a very personal way which make them quite different from the traditional ones. Besides, the cd was recorded with all musicians playing together with almost no overdubs, which gave a gratifying bright final result. VERY GOOD.
    Vicente Zumel, La Hora Del Blues Radio, Barcelona, Spain
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