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Bluesy Bohemian Reviews

  • “A second release from JR Johnny to make it across my desk insists on the fact that this is no ordinary Bluesman. Nope, not here – this is the work of a true and great bluesman!!! In part, for his mid-tempo Chicago blues numbers conjuring up a heavy and dust-filled ambiance reminiscent of 50’s gangster films; in part due to his raucus, tobacco-drenched voice – JR is a virtuoso of the down-and-out blues, the man your momma (should have) warned you about. The lyrics are poetry set to song. They tell us of life’s joys and pains all the while ringing true with an undeniable sincerity. JR’s vocals are punctuated by a harmonica style whose virtuosity is in its understatement and concision – he is able to do what other harp players work all night to do in one or two phrases. An apt and judicious conductor, JR lets his accompaniment shine throughout the disc. Consisting of Jesse Cohen (gtr), Steve Minnich (bass) and Mike Locito (drm), this trio is remarkable for their strength and discretion as they periodically unleash Jesse to concoct one of his brief but intense solos. At 6 years old, this CD is holding its own quite well and this writer feels (at the risk of repeating myself) that while great musicianship always helps, it’s the fact that JR is also a veritable bluesman that will make his blues as honest and relevant tomorrow as the moment they were recorded. If I do repeat myself, it’s to get Jr. Johnny’s name into your head and lead you to discover this wonderful artist.”

    Trans, Paul Linden.

  • “On his sixth orginal release, Jr.Johnny dazzles the listener with his varied styles of harp playing – making it known through his smoking blues compositions that he lives up to the albums title.”
    Johnna Cossaboon, Hohner Easy Reeding

  • “I listened to your new c.d.’Bluesy Bohemian’ and checked out your soundbites on your website, “Cool” is the best word I can find to describe the thrill your music gave me!”
    Yanick Theriault, New Brunswick Blues Radio

  • “Junior was born for playing blues. His suggestive sweet intimate way of playing slow blues, proves it! All of the c.d. songs “Bluesy Bohemian”, are his own compositions and he loves poetry. The lyrics are very personal too. In short a very interesting: Modern-Chicago-Blues C.D. GOOD!”
    Vicente Zumel, La Hora Del Blues,Spain

  • “Thankyou for sending me a copy of your new C.D. “Bluesy Bohemian”. The harp playing is awesome! The tone and style of your singing is great! All original songs, the whole disc is solid, thanks again”
    Zippy, KMPG – Portland, Maine

  • “Jr Johnny, I got your package today. I was speechless to say the least. I’m listening to your cd. ‘Bluesy Bohemian’ …It’s awesome! You are truely one of the greats! May the good lord bless you and yours and bless you with a Grammy award for that fantastic cd.
    Thanks again…Eric “Bluesharper” Manahawkin. N.J.

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