Jr. Johnny’s My Radio CD’s are now available!

Extreme Front Cover
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Tony Perrino at Tony’s Shack, Saratoga Springs, NY.

    My Radio CD Musicians:

  • Jr. Johnny: Harmonicas and Vocals
  • Peter Corrigan – Rythm and Slide Guitar; Peter has played with Blues Noir, and many more.
  • Stephen Minnich – Bass Guitar; Stephen has played with the Mixed Generation, Jim Coyle Band, Sun Mountain Fiddler, and many more.
  • Denny Dwyer – Lead Guitar
  • Joe Rocco – Drums
  • Tony Perrino – Hammond B3 Organ and Piano
    • “My Radio” Songlist All Original Songs:


My Radio CD Reviews

      I’m talking Sonny Boy (1 and 2). I’m talking Big Walter and Little Walter. I’m talking Bob Margolin … that good.
      I’m sending this to my close personal friend Bruce Iglauer (Alligator Records). Maybe you’ve heard of him…. Listen man, I’m currently booking some BIG festivals in Europe, and I’m asking you…. YOU GOT YOUR PASSPORT READY BABY???!!!!! GET BACK TO ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE SO I CAN BOOK YOUR TICKETS!
      Eddie Penguine, C.E.O. Ice HOT Bookings and Productions, LLC.
    • Junior Johnny, “My Radio”- I dig it baby! You are still cool as a jewel! By the way, “Cop Your Be-Bop”!
      Johnny K., Suffern, N.Y.
    • Here is a hot detailed vibrant sounding cd. with great live energy. a wide variety of upbeat songs and sounds that run from bluesrock to deep traditional blues performed with fresh life and power.
    • Hey Johnny, Your new CD, “My Radio”- a lot of good grooves! Thanks very much.
      Rick Fincke (Musician), Melbourne, Florida
    • Just opened your new cd “My Radio“ and damn it’s another great cd by you!
      Ron, Fremont, Calif.
    • Jr. Johnny is one of the great true blue-real-deal-old school-but young-hip-and very cool school harmonica players walking the planet. His band is also nitty gritty gut bucket and together, they bring back a time when the world was simpler and we had time to hear music the only way it was meant to be heard, with others in the shared “Experience.” God bless you Johnny for keeping the blues alive with that Jr. Johnny-cash coolness.
      Wendy Oxenhorn, Jazz and Blues Foundation of America, New York City
    • “Junior Johnny, Another Jr. Johnny hit! Great harmonica and guitar along with that soulful Junior Johnny sound! “My Radio”- well done my friend!
      Bob Brumbough, Cocoa Beach, Florida
    • Dear Mr. Johnny, Good job! I particularly like the title track.
      Bob A., Sonoma, California
    • “Jr. Johnny’s new c.d. is excellent! Your a real bluesman. Thankyou so much. One big handshake for you!”
      “Rapso” Blues Radio-Argentina


  • Smokin’, rockin’ red hot blues … Jr. Johnny rocks from beginning to end, if you love the blues and blues harp this is a must buy, reminds me of James Cotton and Little Walter.
    author: wrench
  • Jr. Johnny hails from New York City. Great blues and rock artist! Combines blues and rock for an upbeat “modern blues sound”!
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