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Dancing With The Devil

    Dancing with the Devil musicians

  • Jr. Johnny: harmonicas and vocals
  • Peter Corrigan: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, slide guitar
  • Russ Aldrich: lead guitar
  • Stephen Minnich; bass guitar, lead guitar
  • Mike Cairo: drums
  • Hymer Morgan: piano, Hammond b-3 organ

Jr. Johnny’s “A New Start”
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I do what I want, I do as I please.
Sometimes I’m warm,
Sometimes I freeze…
I walk away anytime I please,
I hear people talkin’,
Don’t care what they say,
I let it go, to be free,
People talkin’, they don’t see…

I do what I want, got to be free,
It gets hard sometime,
Down on one knee…
Ya, sometimes it’s easy,
Sometimes it’s hard, life’s a gamble
For that hole card…
I got more to give,
I got more to live…
The sun is shinin’ in my heart,
Risin’, risin’ for a new start…

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