Jr. Johnny’s The Unraveler CD is now available!

Due to overwhelming demand The Unraveler is now in it’s second pressing.

The Unraveler Front Cover
Cover Photo by: Captain Shutter

Produced by Jr. Johnny of Bohemian Records September, 2012.
Recorded and mixed by Brendan Keith at Studio 101, Melbourne, FL.
Jr. Johnny at Studio 101

The Unraveler Label

    The Unraveler Musicians:

  • Jr. Johnny: harmonicas and vocals
  • David Likhtiger – Lead Guitar
  • Stephen Minnich – Rhythm Guitar
  • David Pastorius – Bass
  • Bjarne Kjaer – Drums
  • Ron Teixeira – Piano / Organ
    Special Thanks to;

  • Larry Martin
  • Paul Gavigan
  • Jeff Ruddell

“The Unraveler” Songlist All Original Songs:
(Select the “LYRICS” link or any title to hear a sound bite.)

The Unraveler CD Reviews

  • Hay Jr. Johnny,
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!It’s so impressive to see you getting such a great review on your new cd.I’m even more proud of you now…Awesome!

    I’ll forward this great news to “ALL” my blues friends.

    All the best,

    Les – Manhattan Blues Connection

  • Jr. Johnny “The Unraveler” Bohemian Records 2012Tireless harmonica player, singer, song writer composer Jr. Johnny comes back with a new album under his arm. As it could not be otherwise. Jr. continues with his unique sound and phrasing with which we are accustomed to. Jr. has never refused to deny and carries with pride the incredible brand of the venerable Sonny Boys 1 and 2 with which he carries a huge responsibility. Especially because he is the front man, singer and harmonica player of the band. In “The Unraveler” Jr. Johnny has once again included twelve of his own songs. Once more he shows himself as an interesting cool original composer who has many things to say. Jr. Johnny’s band consists of: The great New York City blues guitar player “David Likhtiger” – “Steve Minnich” on rhythm guitar – “Bjarne Kjaer” on drums – “David Pastorius” (Jaco’s nephew) on Fender bass – “Ron Teixeira (Heidi’s Jazz Club keyboard player) on organ and piano. “You will enjoy this cd. as it is a good option to get happy and have fun”!Vincente Zumel

    La Hora Del Blues

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Jr. Johnny The Unraveler Bohemian records – ( Boh 13)The band on Jr.Johnny’s 13th album, The Unravler, is composed of well rounded and accomplished players. The dueling guitars of David Likhtiger and Steve Minnich provide both blistering solos and jazzier rhythm textures. David Pastorius lays down wickedly funky bass line on songs like “I Don’t Like It”. Organist Ron Teixeira adds rich layered qualities and barrelhouse piano. Drummer Bjarne Kjaer never fails to keep the propulsive beat alive and kicking. Jr. Johnny is a hell of a harp player! Blowing expressive melodies and propulsive bursts throughout the original 12-song collection. “AND” last but not least…Jr.Johnny’s vocals are both: “ENDEARING AND QUIRKY”!!!Tom Speed – Living Blues Magazine…
  • A hard rockin’ blues album from a true harmonica meister!
    Jr. Johnny and his ace team serve up a straight dose of working class blues. Great song writing and singing from Jr. Johnny. David Likhtiger is outstanding on guitar and he gets a substantial amount of time in the spotlight. This element makes Jr.Johnny blues, rock harder then ever!!!Don Madsen DWM Music…
  • The Unraveler,
    “Imagine if you will, a hot juke joint in the south on a steamy summer night. Next imagine a room full of hard working folks drinking and dancing their blues away. This is what Jr. Johnny brings to the table in the “Unraveler”. So one night when you feel like rockin’ the blues, give it a listen. All ya gots ta lose is yer blues”!
    Bob E.; Cocoa Beach, Florida
  • !!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!
    YOUR SOUND TOOK ME BACK TO THE REAL SHIT, MAN!!!I’m talking Sonny Boy (1 and 2).I’m talking Big Walter and Little Walter.

    I’m talking Bob Margolin …
    that good.
    I’m sending this to my close personal friend
    Bruce Iglauer (Alligator Records).
    Maybe you’ve heard of him….

    Listen man, I’m currently booking some BIG festivals in Europe, and I’m asking you….


    Eddie Penguine, C.E.O.
    Ice HOT Bookings and Productions, LLC.

  • “Jr. Johnny is not an ersatz blues player. He’s lived the life, as his smoking kick-ass harp playing and singing indicate”George Chevalier, Woodstock Times
  • Hello Jr. Johnny – “The Unraveler”I’ve been ordering your cd’s from you for years. I’ve always enjoyed your music!…William G. – Laurinburg , N.C.
  • Ya…Jr. Johnny did it again with “another” twelve originals! A blues man and a prolific songwriter. He’s like Johnny Cash, Jr. Wells and the Blues Brothers all rolled into one. When you listen to him, you can swear your in a Texas bar in the 1950’s hearing some amazing unknown blues man who was transported in a time warp into 2012 and it just doesn’t get any cooler than Jr. Johnny.
    Wendy Oxenhorn, Jazz and Blues Foundation of America
  • Hay, Junior Johnny.
    Just played your new cd “Unraveler.” “Sounds great as always”!
    Johnny K…Suffern,N.Y.
  • Dear Mr. Unraveler,
    “I just received your new cd. I kicked back between my stereo speakers. The cd is BRILLIANT…I played again for my wife and she dug it! She says to say hello!”
    Bob and Donna A.; Sonoma, California
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