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Dancing With The Devil

    Dancing with the Devil musicians

  • Jr. Johnny: harmonicas and vocals
  • Peter Corrigan: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, slide guitar
  • Russ Aldrich: lead guitar
  • Stephen Minnich; bass guitar, lead guitar
  • Mike Cairo: drums
  • Hymer Morgan: piano, Hammond b-3 organ

“My Addiction”
(lyrics Jacqueline Silvestri composed by Jr. Johnny)
(Select to hear a sound bite)

No more to go, the bottle done broke,
Down to the bottom, got nothin’ to smoke…
Lookin’ for a fix, something that’ll last,
Need to find me something, something real fast…
Ran out of prayers, no reason to hope,
Lookin’ for something to help me cope…

Got nothin’ left, nothin’ at all,
Only the pain from my withdrawal…
Life can be a contradiction,
Can’t even nurture my addiction…
Don’t want nothin’ that’ll make me feel,
Need my fantasy, don’t want nothin’ real…


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