Jr. Johnny’s EXTREME CD’s are now available!

Cover Photo by Robert Brumbaugh

Extreme Front Cover

    Extreme CD Musicians:

  • Jr. Johnny: harmonicas and vocals
  • Mark Korpi – Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar Mark has played with Gary Primich, Brewer Phillips, and his own band Space Coast Playboys, and many more.
  • Stephen Minnich – Rhythm Guitar Stephen has played with the Mixed Generation, Jim Coyle Band, Sun Mountain Fiddler, and many more.
  • Bill Singletary – Bass Bill has played with Luther Tucker, Pine Top Perkins, the Dynatones, and many more.
  • Walter Shufflesworth – Drums Walter has played with Big Walter Horton, Johnny Littlejohn, Charlie Musselwhite, Elvin Bishop, Lowell Fulson, as well as his own band The Dynatones, and so many others!
  • Kenny B3 Clarke – Organ Kenny has played with Steve Thorpe Blues Orchestra, Big Bill Morganfield, Lowell Fulson, and many more.

    “EXTREME” Songlist All Original Songs:

(Select any title to hear a sound bite.)

  • Highway Melodies
  • A New Hello
  • Rock and Roll (with You)
  • My Car (is You)
  • Love Me Tonight
  • High Rise Blues
  • Nasty
  • I Wanna Go
  • Total Bliss
  • She
  • When We Get Home
  • Greenwich Village Nights
  • EXTREME CD Reviews

    • Jr. Johnny And The Playboys “Extreme”, Bohemian Records
      This new album clearly and undoubtedly shows Jr. Johnny has just recorded his best album up to date. This is an honest record that brings us Johnny’s great harmonica playing. He is backed by the Playboys who provide the necessary resources to enhance this kind of blues based on old school traditional Chicago blues, and make them sound warm and really appetizing. The musicians are Mark Korpi on lead and slide guitar, Steve Minnich on rhythm guitar, Bill Singletary on bass, Walter Shufflesworth on drums and Kenny Clarke on the Hammond B-3. With these twelve original tracks we can breathe and feel the real spirit of the blues that could be heard during the sixties in old Chicago clubs like Theresa’s or The Pepper’s Lounge, just to mention a couple of the most prestigious ones of that time, because the magical power of imagination has no limits if you are willing to let it fly. As usual in Johnny’s music, you can breathe that distinctive Lou Reed’s scent. He gets thanks to his great vocals. Which becomes a unique very special stamp of this really great original musician. GREAT!!!
      Vicente Zumel
      La Hora Del Blues, Barcelona, Spain
    • The cd you sent me (Extreme) is on constant repeat at home, in my car and in the office!
      These are my thoughts:

      • The great singing and songwriting.
      • The musicianship, production and attitude really adds weight to the already great feel.
      • The recordings are really “in your face” in the most positive meaning.
      • It’s great to hear a cd where the songs, the performances and overall feeling creates “a picture” for the listener.

      Your cd is being played in: Holland-Scandinavia-BeNeLux-France-Germany-Italy and the U.K.
      I rate this cd. – Five Stars *****
      Thank you…Peter Holmstedt
      Sparsor, SWEDEN

    • (Google translation from Flemish)
      This “Extreme” is already the fourteenth album Jr. Johnny. The man is an excellent harmonica player and songwriter ditto. His voice on this release makes me think of Lou Reed repeatedly. He declaims case more than he knows how to impress. Really vovcaal In the style of his songs there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
      Twelve original songs we hear of his hand in collaboration with Stephen Minnich that the rhythm guitar takes care of. Minnich played among others with Jim Coyle Band but beside this man cleaning people were still gathered. On the drums we hear so Walter Shuffle Worth, a musician who has played with Charlie Musselwhite and Elvin Bishop. We also have excellent slide – and lead guitarist Mark Korpi, Bill Singleray on bass, Pinetop Perkins, and Kenny Clarke on organ who also played with famous names like Big Bill Morganfield. So together they form The Playboys and musically they know to impress than their name would have you believe. More
      The songs are soulful and call. Tinted blue The blues harp will play a leading role, sometimes sensitive than lashing back fairly boisterous. The rocks are soft from beginning to end. There is not really a song that stands out. It is more variation on the same theme. But in this genre, this is all quite good. Do not expect dramatic lash out, or quiet country, brooding songs like the cited Reed who used to put down.
      The final “Greenwich Village Nights” is the best calling card that this release could imagine (see video). The man’s characteristic voice, supporting tools and rather beautiful bluesharp game. This song is something to your liking then you will really taste the plate.
      Luc Meert, Belgium
    • Jr.Johnny’s new cd. “Extreme” rocks from beginning to end! It’s the best $15:00 investment I ever made!
      Leif C., Boston…
    • Great rocking blues band and vocals sounding like Lou Reed!
      Don Madson; Iowa City, Iowa
    • Love your new cd. “Extreme”. Great band and awesome song writing! Your vocals sounds like Lou Reed. Love the hit song “Greenwich Village Nights”. The whole cd. is “Extreme”!
      Mitch H., Cocoa Beach, Florida
    • Johnny you’re the greatest cromatic harmonica player I ever heard! I like all of your “Extreme” cd. especially “Highway Melodies” and “She”. Your YouTube video “Greenwich Village Nights”; Great job!
      Les C., New York City
    • I listened to your new cd. “Extreme” tonight. Sounds great! “Greenwich Village Nights” is a great song and YouTube video too!
      Dennis H. New York City
    • Jr. Johnny is one of the great true blue-real-deal-old school-but young-hip-and very cool school harmonica players walking the planet. His band is also nitty gritty gut bucket and together, they bring back a time when the world was simpler and we had time to hear music the only way it was meant to be heard, with others in the shared “Experience.” God bless you Johnny for keeping the blues alive with that Jr. Johnny-cash coolness.
      Wendy Oxenhorn, Jazz and Blues Foundation of America, New York City
    • Hay, Junior Johnny.
      Your new you tube video “Greenwich Village Nights” is a very cool song!
      Johnny K., Suffern, N.Y.
    • Junior Johnny’s new cd. is a hoot. He’s very creative, twelve great original songs, great musicians and lots of fun. Junior’s new cd. is a rocking extravaganza! Junior’s new cd. is “EXTREME”! Love your new hit song and you tube video “Greenwich Village Nights”!
      Warren and Susan G. Palm Bay, Florida
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