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Dancing With The Devil

    Dancing with the Devil musicians

  • Jr. Johnny: harmonicas and vocals
  • Peter Corrigan: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, slide guitar
  • Russ Aldrich: lead guitar
  • Stephen Minnich; bass guitar, lead guitar
  • Mike Cairo: drums
  • Hymer Morgan: piano, Hammond b-3 organ

“Dancing With The Devil” (lyrics Jacqueline Silvestri composed by Jr. Johnny)
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I’ve danced with the devil, man
I was always in his view…
He had many disguises, his face I never knew
He tried sealing my fate,
With promises and trust…
He’s the creator of the lie,
And master of every lust.
He wanted my life, especially my soul,
My need was great, but he wanted control…

Ya, I danced with the devil, man,
I was always in his view…
He had many disguises,
His face I never knew…
I done fired up my blues,
Brought it to the light,
Got him off my stage, man,
Got him out of my sight…

He wanted my life,
He wanted control
Got him offa my stage
Got him outta my soul.

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