Lyrics for “Away We Go” on The Unraveler CD

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Away We Go

All dressed up, but I ain’t got no place to go,
Got some thing I got to show.
All dressed up, no one takes me for a ride,
I haven’t got a thing to hide.
I want to go away, where I can here good music,
And play till night is day.
Not the type to cook or sew,
Here’s my girl and away we go!

Oh, young girls are simple and pure,
But watch them night and day to be sure.
Now I’m alone,
Wide awake and full grown.
No one to call on the phone,
Oh, what’s the matter with me,
Here I am all alone.
Not the type to cook or sew,
WOW, here’s my girl and away we go!
Oh, I’m her –
“Cock-a-Doodle Daddy”

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The Unraveler Front Cover

    The Unraveler Musicians:

  • Jr. Johnny: harmonicas and vocals
  • David Likhtiger – Lead Guitar
  • Stephen Minnich – Rhythm Guitar
  • David Pastorius – Bass
  • Bjarne Kjaer – Drums
  • Ron Teixeira – Piano / Organ
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