Lyrics for “Tell Me You Love Me” on The Unraveler CD

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Tell Me You Love Me

Tell me you love me,
You know I love you.
Tell me you love me,
I’ll know what to do…
Put me at ease,
Like a cool breeze.
You’re my desire,
Got my soul on fire…
Oh, I’ll never forget,
The day we met…

You got to my body,
And my soul.
It’s Saturday night,
Come on let’s roll…
Ya, I know myself,
Don’t want no one else.
I want so to be your lover,
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…
By know I ain’t no stranger,
In my world there’s no danger…

You know I love you,
I’ll know what to do.
Tell me you love me,
You know I love you…
Oh, tell me you love me!

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The Unraveler Front Cover

    The Unraveler Musicians:

  • Jr. Johnny: harmonicas and vocals
  • David Likhtiger – Lead Guitar
  • Stephen Minnich – Rhythm Guitar
  • David Pastorius – Bass
  • Bjarne Kjaer – Drums
  • Ron Teixeira – Piano / Organ
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