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Danger Zone

    Danger Zone Musicians

  • Jr. Johnny: harmonicas and vocals
  • Stephen Minnich: guitars
  • David Pastorius: bass
  • Bjaene Kjaer: drums

Jr. Johnny’s “Tin Pan Alley”
(Select to hear a sound bite)

I’m gonna shuffle up broadway
Slow drag back downtown,
I’m gonna stop at tin pan alley
See whose hangin’ round.
Playing on 28th street
Winter night so cold,
Love my blues till I grow old.
Learning from the masters
And their pain,
Oh, I love my blues
Got them runnin’ through my vein…

Ya, I’m going to tin pan alley
See whose hangin’ round,
Take off my fedora, turn it upside down,
Ya, hangin’ on 28th street
Playing the blues,
Got some newspaper in my shoes.
Some looking strange
Under the street light,
My fedora upside down
And looking alright.

Ya, playing on 28th street
And those ole’

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