Jr. Johnny’s “She Whispers”
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Oh, she rolls through many pleasurable sighs,
With love in her luminous eyes.

Her dress glimmering as she passes,
Perfect timing, new sun glasses.

With all her pearls and rubies glowing,
She’s so cool, keeps everything flowing.

I was dormant, like half alive,
But when I met her, I knew I could survive.

My lovers voice, tonight will flow,
She whispers in my ear, soft and low.

She can make her man her slave,
Ya, and glide like a surfer, on a wave.

She rolls
She flows
She whispers in my ear, soft and low.

With her warm sweet breath,
She whispers –


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  • Jr. Johnny: harmonicas and vocals
  • Stephen Minnich – Guitar
  • Rick Finke – Guitars
  • J.T. Burley – Bass
  • Bjarne Kjaer – Drums
  • Kenny Clark – Organ
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