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Cool As a Jewel

    Cool as a Jewel musicians:

  • Jr. Johnny: harmonicas and vocals
  • Bob Greenlee – Bass
  • Ace Moreland – Guitar
  • Warren King – Guitar
  • Ronnie “Bird” Foster – Drums

Jr. Johnny’s “No More Down Time”
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Sittin’ here thinkin’,
That the time has come,
So long been on the run….
Hasn’t been fun….
Been goin’ nowhere….
Sure seems like
Life ain’t fair….
No more down time.

You were there for me,
And I for you,
We pulled it off and put
It in motion.
We ain’t lost,
We got the potion.
I’m not alone,
We’re not alone.

When I saw your face,
I fell in love with you.
You came out of the
Blue and my life had changed.
I haven’t been the same
Since I fell in love with you….
Fell in love with you.
We’re not goin’ alone.

Got to be a way to….
Get on top….

Got to pull on over
And make that stop…

Maybe, though, I
Ain’t goin’ alone.

You learn life by
Doin’ wrong.
You learn life by
Bein’ strong…
No more down time.

Lost the way I was goin’…
Found myself all alone….
There’s another way of doin’…
And when I saw your face,
I fell in love with you…
No more down time.

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