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Cool As a Jewel

    Cool as a Jewel musicians:

  • Jr. Johnny: harmonicas and vocals
  • Bob Greenlee – Bass
  • Ace Moreland – Guitar
  • Warren King – Guitar
  • Ronnie “Bird” Foster – Drums

Jr. Johnny’s “Left Alone”
(Select to hear a sound bite)

Got to move on,
People puttin’ me down,
Always knockin’ me to the ground
Got to stop the gray days,
Those backslidin’ ways.
Sharpenin’ my knife
And cut through the haze.

My mind like a stream,
Flowing easily now….
Feeling better….
Feeling clean….
Such a long time,
I’ve been a rollin’ stone,
Been a long time,
So far from home,
Left alone.

The days a re becoming
More clear.
Stop the paranoia
No more fear.
It feels so good,
Aloud to laugh,
I tried for years,
To find this path.

Such a long time,
I’ve been a rollin’ stone.
Been a long time
So far from home
Left alone.

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