More about the Red Hot CD.

Red Hot!

    Musicians on the Red Hot CD

  • Jr. Johnny: harmonicas and vocals
  • Stephen Minnich – Guitar
  • Rick Finke – Guitars
  • J.T. Burley – Bass
  • George Wilson – Drums

Jr. Johnny’s “I Ain’t Goin’ to Hell!”
(Select to hear a sound bite)

Gonna get up in the morning’
Chase away my blues…
Train train, comin’ down the track,
Got to shake the devil off my back…
He got them links and chains,
Ya, he got them links and chains,
Rattlin’ around my brain!!!

Ya, I can smell the devil burnin’,
Smell the devil burnin’,
Got to leave this scene,
Ya, and break away clean…
Oh I’m goin’ break away this time,
Oh ya, and leave the devil behind…
If anyone asks about me,
Tell em’, I ain’t goin’ to hell,
Ha, ha, ha…

Ya, gonna get up in the morning’,
No more burnin’
No more rattlin’
Around my brain,
I ain’t goin’ to hell,

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