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Cool As a Jewel

    Cool as a Jewel musicians:

  • Jr. Johnny: harmonicas and vocals
  • Bob Greenlee – Bass
  • Ace Moreland – Guitar
  • Warren King – Guitar
  • Ronnie “Bird” Foster – Drums

Jr. Johnny’s “Candy Store”
(Select to hear a sound bite)

Come in my candy store
And let me help you choose
Come in my candy store, baby,
Let me help you choose
I got everything
You can use…
If you pick my confections,
You know you just can’t lose.
Don’t walk away baby,
With those candy store blues…

I’ve been keeping’ my
Confections, waiting in the
Back of my store….
You never had candy,
Sugar mama, this sweet before.
If you like my candy,
Oh honey, I can give you
Some more….

I love you woman,
Don’t keep your love on the shelf.
No need to ask why,
Come over here and help yourself.

Come over here Patty,
Let me be your sugar daddy.

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