Jr. Johnny’s “I’m in the Mood”
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I’m in the mood baby,
I’m in the mood for your love.
You know the night time,
Is the right time,
To be with the one you love,
But when the night comes,
You so far away!
Oh I’m in the mood,baby,
Oh I’m in the mood for your love…

Ya my momma she done told me,
Leave that gal alone,
But my momma didn’t know,
What that gal putting down.
Hey, I just found out,
My baby’s back in town!
Oh, I’m in the mood,
Ya I’m in the mood for your love,
Ya I’m in the mood!

I’m in the mood,
For all of your love!!!

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  • Jr. Johnny: harmonicas and vocals
  • Stephen Minnich – Guitar
  • Rick Finke – Guitars
  • J.T. Burley – Bass
  • Bjarne Kjaer – Drums
  • Kenny Clark – Organ
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