Sep 132012

Here we bring to you the list of best casting apps for the Chromecast device launched by Google.

Megacast – Chromecast Player

You can get real-time transcoding support with this amazing Chromecast player. It allows playing the files from phone or tablet which is not supported by Setup devices by default. This includes file formats like AVI, MKV, 3GP, and others. Another amazing feature of Megacast is that it allows to pre-load subtitles automatically or allows you to add them.


Plex allows you to watch stuff from your computer or hard disk on any other device connected with Chromecast. It allows enjoying TV shows and movies stored on computer or NAS by streaming it to a big screen. Plex allows you to cast content via Android, iOS apps or through Chrome browser on your desktop.

Pocket Casts

This is the best Chromecast compatible podcast management app available for Android as well as the iOS platform. With the Pocket Cast, it is super easy to get favourite shows and podcasts to be played on a big screen television or through Google Cast speakers. You can do settings so that the new episodes of your subscribed shows are automatically downloaded.


This is the best casting app on Chromecast for Android users. This simple app allows streaming local video, music, and photos from several devices on a bigger screen. You can able to cast the files from sources such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Google+. You can opt for the free or pro version of this app as per your preferences.


The AllCast app has a simple and easy to use interface which makes it a good alternative to BubbleUPnP. The left-hand side menu helps find the Chromecast device and also media and videos which is all stored on the local network and device. Although it is not able to find media from NAS, still it is the best app to cast directly from the phone. It can play the files which are only supported by Chromecast. Chromecast app has a one-minute viewing limit on its free version. If you want an extended view then use AllCast Premium which costs £3.


This is the best app for iOS platform and allows sharing photos via Chromecast to your television. It works similar to Dayframe and gives good picture quality as per your TV’s resolution.


By using this app you can turn Chromecast into a machine which is spewing the information. With this casting app, your default Chromecast home screen will be replaced with weather updates, photo slideshow, and news. Though the app is in the beta phase but works very well in most of the part. Kodi on Chromecast You can also receive the latest updates about weather and news by adding your RSS feed link. There is an option in the app to play videos from YouTube or flickering of photos. Feature for the addition of custom wallpaper to Chromecast using this app is also available to personalize things.

Using these cast apps you can use the most of Chromecast device.

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